created & maintained by a collective of Psilocybe mushroom enthusiasts. 

Psilopedia is an online platform that provides information on, and facilitates the discussion & review of vendors, strains, and species of Psilocybin mushrooms. 


Our mission is to connect individuals with vendors, information, doctors, and other psychedelic enthusiasts. We aim to create a strong community focused on exploring the effects, benefits, and potential risks of Psychedelics.


Our Platform is also an encyclopedia-like repository of information, media, and studies regarding Psychedelic substances (Psilocybin in particular)


Patients and recreational consumers alike can use Psilopedia to inform themselves on the type of strains/species and products that are right for them, and find the closest vendor or Psychedelic practitioner.


Through a blend of original and member generated content, social interactions and collaboration, users can expand their Psychedelic knowledge, and businesses can engage with their audience to help determine market trends and raise legitimacy.

Psilopedia for Businesses/Practitioners.

Our feature rich cloud-based back-end business platform helps companies (and practitioners) promote themselves to the Psilopedia community. On Psilopedia, businesses/practitioners can target a unique audience of Psychedelic consumers, influencers and industry professionals. 


Vendors of Psychedelic products can also use Psilopedia’s powerful business solution to respond to customer inquiries, customize CRM reports, and upload/track inventory.