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created & maintained by a collective of Psilocybe mushroom enthusiasts. 

Psilopedia is an online platform that provides information on, and facilitates the discussion & review of vendors, strains, and species of Psilocybin mushrooms. 


Our mission is to connect individuals with vendors, information, doctors, and other psychedelic enthusiasts. We aim to create a strong community focused on exploring the effects, benefits, and potential risks of Psychedelics.


Our Platform is also an encyclopedia-like repository of information, media, and studies regarding Psychedelic substances (Psilocybin in particular)


Patients and recreational consumers alike can use Psilopedia to inform themselves on the type of strains/species and products that are right for them, and find the closest vendor or Psychedelic practitioner.


Through a blend of original and member generated content, social interactions and collaboration, users can expand their Psychedelic knowledge, and businesses can engage with their audience to help determine market trends and raise legitimacy.

Psilopedia for Businesses/Practitioners.

Our feature rich cloud-based back-end business platform helps companies (and practitioners) promote themselves to the Psilopedia community. On Psilopedia, businesses/practitioners can target a unique audience of Psychedelic consumers, influencers and industry professionals. 


Vendors of Psychedelic products can also use Psilopedia’s powerful business solution to respond to customer inquiries, customize CRM reports, and upload/track inventory. 


Do you want to learn how to grow mushrooms? There are many ways to accomplish growing mushrooms for yourself, but all methods of mushroom growing begin with either a mushroom spore syringe, a mushroom liquid culture syringe, a mushroom spore print, mushroom spawn, or using a mushroom grow kit

There are millions of different mushroom species, all which require different environmental conditions to grow optimally, and unfortunately if you are trying to grow mushrooms in Canada you are quite limited unless you grow mushrooms indoors.

Fortunately a Canadian company called Spores Lab has designed both easy to use mushroom growing products (like ready to use mushroom grow kits, pre-mixed mushroom substrates, laboratory formulas, etc) and also offers in-depth video tutorials teaching you exactly how to grow mushrooms! (They also have specialized tutorials for using their mushroom growing kits) Moreover, they offer consultation services that are specifically aimed at teaching people how to grow mushrooms commercially! If you have any questions about growing, including growing magic mushrooms, they are the people to talk ask!

n addition to being the leaders in customer service, helping people all over canada grow magic mushrooms, Spores Lab also provides exceptional quality Psilocybe shroom genetics, offered in several formats like mushroom spores (spore syringes and spore prints), magic mushroom spawn, shroom liquid culture, and magic mushroom grow kits. Whether you want to buy mushroom spores, buy spawn, buy a magic mushroom grow kit, or buy liquid culture, Spores Lab is the place to get it.

There are a few different options for a magic mushroom growing kit, but the easiest for a beginner (that also does not require a pressure cooker) is the Master Culture shroom Grow kit, that comes with already colonized spawn. Another option is the spore syringe grow kit, which does require a pressure cooker. All of the magic mushroom growing kits that spores lab offers come with a detailed instruction manual!

There are also many options if you do not want to buy a magic mushroom kit, and want to buy a “regular” mushroom grow kit. These gourmet mushroom growing kit products are offered in Lions Mane, Oyster, and Shiitake.

If you want to learn more about Psilocybe mushrooms, or just mushrooms in general, we highly recommend checking out the Spores Lab website, which in addition to a wide range of products also features information on many aspects of mushrooms, like - The mushroom life cycle, the history of Fungi, the history of Psychedelic fungi, common growing methods (often called mushroom growing teks), common growing mediums, growing medium recipes, video tutorials, written tutorials, information on mushroom anatomy, species, and strains, and much more!

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