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Mental Health Support Practitioners List for Psychedelic Integration

Bruce Sanguin 


Denman Island, BC


Remote practitioner 

Email Address


(778) 990-4913

"The false self is for survival. The true self is for life." —Andrew Feldmar 


To make an appointment for my practice please call  778.990.4913 or fill out a contact form at


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My latest book: Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Apart, and Put Him Back Together is now available through  


"Bruce Sanguin's Dismantled is a book of changes, eloquent inquiry, and a study of faith, belief, and epistemology."   — Andrew Feldmar, Psychotherapist. 

Psilocybin Information. Psilocybin Mushroom Encyclopedia

Disclaimer: This professional identifies as being knowledgeable in non-ordinary states of consciousness, and understands the importance of integration.  This list is strictly intended for integration services. Please do not to contact the listed professionals regarding the acquisition of psychedelics. 

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