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Mental Health Support Practitioners List for Psychedelic Integration

Cora Bilsker


Nested Heart Counselling


Victoria, BC 


Remote Practitioner


Email Address


(250) 507-1674

Cora Bilkser  BSW

Therapeutic Orientation

Carl Rogers, Client-Centered, but mostly eclectic. I have a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Victoria.

I am passionate about the importance of integration work which has led me to seek extensive educational opportunities. I have attended a microdosing symposium, the Spirit Plant Medicine conference, volunteered with MAPS Canada, taken the Psychedelics Today Integration course, and discussed this issues with other therapists.



I believe psychedelics can provide an incredible opportunity for self-exploration. An opportunity that is further enhanced with set, setting,  loving community and integration. In my practice I offer an environment of acceptance where you can explore the meaning your experience will have in your life, along with my support and guidance. I ask questions and provide challenges that allow you to wander through your mind and heart verbally. I commit to doing my best to help you on your courageous search. I provide talk therapy sessions in Victoria, Vancouver and online for individuals/couples at $120/$140 an hour. Please feel free to contact my for a free 30 min consultation so we can see if we are a good fit. 

Psilocybin Information. Psilocybin Mushroom Encyclopedia

Disclaimer: This professional identifies as being knowledgeable in non-ordinary states of consciousness, and understands the importance of integration.  This list is strictly intended for integration services. Please do not to contact the listed professionals regarding the acquisition of psychedelics. 

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