Psilocybins Psychoactive Effects.


It has been known for millennia that ingesting Psilocybe mushrooms produce a state of consciousness that is in many ways enhanced, offering unique, almost omniscient perspective on personal issues and tribulations, profound creative insight, and even philosophical epiphanies about the nature of our universe. Its risk profile compared to other scheduled substances is remarkably low and in recent years its safety and efficacy in treating numerous psychological conditions has shown extremely promising results. It is consistently rated as one of the safest 'drugs' known to humankind, with the Federal Drug Administration declaring they "have never seen a safer drug, with such a dramatic impact, that requires such infrequent use." 

While the possibility of having a 'negative' psilocybin experience exists, the risk is very low and can be further mitigated with preparation. This preparation is often as simple as having knowledge of psilocybins effects, and the important role that "set and setting" play in a psilocybin experience. Check out the preparation page by clicking on the image below to learn more about how to prepare for a psilocybin experience.

The two most common ways in which users ingest psilocybin are Micro-dosing and Macro-dosing.


A Micro-dose is traditionally defined as approximately 1/10th of a 'hallucinogenic' Macro-dose, which provides the user with the cognitive benefits of psilocybin, below the threshold of intoxication. Click on the image or linked text above for more information of Micro-dosing.

A Macro-dose is associated with the profound psychological 'reset' that has been found very effective in treating a host of psychological conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and eating disorders. It stimulates neurogenesis, dampens activity in the default mode network, and allows for cross-communication between brain networks that don't communicate in the 'sober' state of consciousness. Click on the image or linked text above for more information on Macro-dosing.