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Mental Health Support Practitioners List for Psychedelic Integration

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Martin Ball


Ashland, Oregon


Remote Practitioner

Email Address


Martin W. Ball, Ph.D. offers 30, 60, and 90 minute psychedelic integration and preparation sessions (pre or post-psychedelic experience) via Skype from a nondual and energetic perspective as detailed in his books such as Entheogenic Liberation, and Being Human. Dr. Ball is best known for his work on 5-MeO-DMT, but has ample experience with a wide variety of entheogens, both natural and synthetic, and brings a unique perspective to his consultation work that is grounded in the transformative potential of nondual, or unitary, experiences with entheogens. He is also the host of The Entheogenic Evolution podcast (, which features numerous interviews and talks from leading figures in the field, has organized many psychedelic-related events in southern Oregon, such as the Exploring Psychedelics Conference, and has been featured in numerous interviews (print, video, and audio) globally. In addition to being an author, speaker, and integration coach, Martin also teaches Religion at Southern Oregon University and is an avid musician and visionary artist. To arrange a consultation, visit his website,

Psilocybin Information. Psilocybin Mushroom Encyclopedia

Disclaimer: This professional identifies as being knowledgeable in non-ordinary states of consciousness, and understands the importance of integration.  This list is strictly intended for integration services.  Please do not to contact the listed professionals regarding the acquisition of psychedelics. 

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