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Mental Health Support Practitioners List for Psychedelic Integration

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Taylor Olson

BA Philosophy, MCP

Vancouver, BC 


Remote Practitioner


Email Address


(604) 800-9285



How do we overcome difficult obstacles and create a life overflowing with purpose? Is there a way to persist in the face of adversity, and become active shapers of our environment? I view psychotherapy as a method of healing that is dedicated to addressing these sorts of questions and a process that catalyzes an individual’s ability to creatively shape their life. 

Every person has a unique philosophy, lived experience, and relationship to the world, and therefore will align differently to various modes of therapy. Because human beings are diverse and unique, I am a strategically focused psychotherapist; dedicated to uncovering the most effective methods for working with each person and their challenges.


Furthermore, I am existentially focused, dedicated to bring each person in alignment with the common aspects of the human experience. I view trauma as a powerful and often salient obstacle that prevents individuals from achieving their goals, and maintain up to date knowledge on the science and practice of trauma informed therapy. I also maintain a heightened awareness of how cultural differences can influence therapy.




I obtained my Masters Degree In Counselling Psychology from Adler University and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (license # 17593). I also hold an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Western Washington University. 

I completed my internship as an addictions counsellor at Pacifica Treatment Centre where I had the opportunity to work with individuals and groups impacted by addiction, violence, chronic stress, relationship problems, identity challenges, challenges related to sexual orientation, and complex trauma.


  • LGBTQ Relationships

  • Identity issues

  • Challenges related to sexual orientation

  • Trauma and Addiction

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Psychedelic Integration


I chose to pursue a career in psychotherapy after experiencing the extraordinary effects that it had on my own life. For a long period of my life I lived within a cloud of confusion and fear, having no hope for the future; desperate for relief from anxiety. Through the process of therapy, I discovered how to confront my challenges, face difficult decisions with confidence, and adopt an authentic mode of living. Through my own suffering, I have developed a passion for helping others, and remain ever increasingly inspired by the success of many individuals. 

Outside of my practice, I spend my time playing jazz music, playing soccer, and hiking with my German Shepherd, Bongo. I also have an interest in philosophy and enjoy reading and writing.

Psilocybin Information. Psilocybin Mushroom Encyclopedia

Disclaimer: This professional identifies as being knowledgeable in non-ordinary states of consciousness, and understands the importance of integration.  This list is strictly intended for integration services. Please do not to contact the listed professionals regarding the acquisition of psychedelics. 

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